The Gottwald group - your innovative specialist for sealing technology, hydraulics and industrial supplies and a strong partner in Germany and Northern Europe.

Gottwald is your reliable partner for the areas of sealing technology, hydraulics and industrial supplies for more than 80 years.

We are a northern German company group which feels connected to the Hanseatic tradition.

Established as an engineer`s office in the year 1930, the Gottwald group is a future orientated enterprise with 100 qualified and motivated employees today.

We work for renowned customers in the paper industry, automobile suppliers, steel works, mechanical engineering, manufacturing industries and many more industrial sectors and companies.


Franz Gottwald GmbH + Co. KG Sealing Technology & Drive Technology
+49 421 69469-61
Franz Gottwald GmbH + Co. KG Hydraulics competence centre & Chemical Maintenance Products
+49 421 69469-59


Franz Gottwald GmbH + Co. KG Sealing Technology & Hydraulics
+49 40 530567-0


Franz Gottwald Oy Sealing Technology & Hydraulics, Finland
+358 9 452018-0


Franz Gottwald GmbH + Co. KG Sealing Technology & Hydraulics, Baltic States
+371 2838 9827


Franz Gottwald ApS Sealing Technology & Hydraulics, Denmark
+49 173 2470050

24-hours Emergency Service

Either on weekends, public holidays or at night - we are there for you and are happy to open our warehouse for you in Bremen. On-site service for hydraulic and sealing problems from Bremen.


+49 173 6522265