Franz Gottwald - Antriebstechnik Premium Brands

You may trust in our products, because market leading manufacturers support our company so that we are able to supply you a well thought product portfolio. We always keep in mind a optimal quality specific to the application when we select our products.

The partner of Franz Gottwald GmbH + Co. KG:

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: Freudenberg  


A long time trading partner of Gottwald Group comes from Weinheim (Germany) and it is one of the world leading suppliers in various industries, such as automotive, mechanical engineering, textile, construction and telecommunication industries.

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: Viledon - Freudenberg Filtration  


Technology leader for filter programs and filtration solutions for different areas of the industry.

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: Integral Accumulator  

Integral Accumulator

Innovative hydraulic accumulators store energy produced by the automobile.

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: Dichtomatik  


Specialist for technical seals in the field of merchandise, but also for customer-specific sealing variants.

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: EagleBurgmann  


Internationally leading manufacturer of industrial sealing technology, specialized e.g. on liquid and gas lubricated mechanical seals. Supplier of plate material for flat gasket production of Gottwald.

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: KLÜBER LUBRICATION  

KLÜBER Lubrication

High performance lubricants/special lubricants for the industry as well as for structural elements and components with high performance requirements.

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: OKS  


Lubricants and maintenance products.

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: Burgmann Packings  

Burgmann Packings

Leading manufacturer of metallic seals, packings and graphite rings.

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: Dichta  


Swiss manufacturer of sealing products with many years of experience.

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: Bosch Rexroth  

Bosch Rexroth

German premium manufacturer in the field of drive and control technology.

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: Aventics  


Leading manufacturer of pneumatic components and systems. Formerly part of the Bosch Rexroth Group.

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: SMC  


The SMC Corporation is the worldwide leading expert for high technological pneumatic solutions.

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: Brimotech  


Dutch specialist in the field of pneumatic gas springs, dampers and connecting parts.

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: Trellebog Anti-Vibration Solutions  

Trelleborg Anti-Vibration Solutions

Technology leader for vibration technical components and system solutions (formerly Schwab Vibration Control).

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: Filtration Group  

Filtration Group

Filter specialist for standard and individual solutions, formerly part of MAHLE.

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: Parker Ermeto  

Parker Ermeto

Worldwide specialist for fasteners and fittings.

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: Henkel  


World's leading manufacturer from Germany, among others in the Adhesive Technologies.

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: Loctite Teroson   

Loctite Teroson

Products for the solution of technical problems at maintenance and repair work for all kinds of vehicles.

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: perma  


Specialist for innovative and creative solutions in lubricant technology.



The leading authority on tapered roller bearings, transmissions, gearboxes, chain and related products, and offers a spectrum of powertrain rebuild and repair services.

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: Desch   


System solutions for the complete drive train, like planetary gears and special gears as well as couplings and belt drives.

Franz Gottwald Premium brand: Optibelt   


Global manufacturer of V-belts, timing belts and drive belts, among others in the fields of mechanical engineering and automotive industries.



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