Manufacturing of Flat Gaskets

Material and manufacturing competence are two important cornerstones of our long experience in the production of flat gaskets and different punched parts.

We supply and manufacture products from standard material, like the varied spectrum of elastomers (e.g. NBR, FKM, EPDM and silicones) and fluor plastics (PTFE), so that they can be used in a broad range of temperature

For the usage , e.g. in the chemical industry and in apparatus and pipeline construction, we manufacture and supply metal flat gaskets, flange gaskets made of soft fibrous material (e.g. Klingersil) in DIN/ISO-dimensions or in customized cuts as well as in punched parts made of various materials.

Don't hesitate to contact us for further questions about the manufacturing of flat gaskets.


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24-hours Emergency Service

Either on weekends, public holidays or at night - we are there for you and are happy to open our warehouse for you in Hamburg. In addition, we offer our fast and competent on-site service for hydraulic or sealing problems from Bremen.


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