We live partnership

It is our aim to have a long term partnership with satisfied customers - because we focus on one thing in our company ... and that's you!

We achieve this ...

  • by competent consultation
  • by short term deliveries
  • by a combination of trade and on-site-service
  • by fair brand conditions
  • and by many other services.

More than 10.000 customers trust our services.

 ... When do you test our company?

Guidelines for the quality and environmental policy of the company Gottwald GmbH + Co. KG

  1. We would like to have satisfied customers. Therefore the high quality of our services is one of the utmost priorities.
  2. The benchmark for quality is set by the customer. The judgment made by our customers about our services is decisive.
  3. It is our goal to make "no-mistakes". In case of any mistakes, we will remove them as well as the causes. It is not our aim to remove mistakes but to prevent them. Therefore we work for a constant improvement for a better performance of our management systems. 
  4. Inquiries, offers, orders, claims etc are to be executed accurately, cost-efficiently and as soon as possible. The quality of our products must be ensured by appropriate handling. Deliveries must be on time and correct.
  5. The guidelines of our environmental policy are to protect the human health and the environment from negative effects of our daily actions.
  6. In our joint companies we aspire to environmental services referring to our environmental statement and enhancement.
  7. The orientation of our work protection policy is a humane workplace design for all employees to maintain and support their health and safety by preventing and reducing dangers and health burden.
  8. Every employee contributes to the implementation of the quality, environmental and work protection policy at his or her workplace. Therefore everyone who is aware of quality, environmental and work protection risks is committed to remedy them, or -if he or she is not authorized- he or she has to inform a member of the quality team, the environmental officer or his or her superior immediately. 
  9. We follow all relevant legal regulations -especially these from the area of environment and work protection- and commit ourselves to the given protective measures in an efficient way to implement them.
  10. We see each other with trust and mutual respect in our joint companies. Wherever conflicts and different opinions occur, we seek for a fair solution.
  11. We would like to be "different".
  12. We would like to have satisfied customers.
  13. We would like to have a long term success.
  14. We would like to develop our family business in a long term positive way for the next generations.


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24-hours Emergency Service

Either on weekends, public holidays or at night - we are there for you and are happy to open our warehouse for you in Hamburg. In addition, we offer our fast and competent on-site service for hydraulic or sealing problems from Bremen.


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