Academy for Applied Fluid Technology GmbH + Co. KG

Founded with the goal to improve the technical basic training of regional companies in north-western Germany.

It is the connection between technical and commercial users and market-leading producers. The academy follows the goal to play an important role in the area of a further technical education in the north-western German economic region.

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  • One-day or more workshops are organized and individually planned.
  • The forums are related to business sectors and specific to the application.
  • The presentations have a high technical characteristic basically.
  • The thematic focus is subject to a holistic consideration.



Certainly, we focus on trainings. We offer manufacture supported basic, intermediate and advanced trainings as well as practical trainings on the technical state of the art.

Thereby we focus on the following areas:

  • sealing and vibration technology
  • hydraulics
  • air filtration
  • adhesive technology
  • tribology
  • pneumatic



As a matter of course, the Academy for Applied Fluid Technology has modern training classrooms with a size of more than 400 sqm available at their seminar locations Bremen and Hamburg.

Furthermore, the seminar centre in Bremen has a practice orientated training workshop. We offer hydraulic and mechanical manufacturing opportunities among other things in the connected hydraulic workshop as well as a laboratory for the examination of oil.


Special Events:

Regularly there are events, which are different to an ordinary training.

This term describes for example:

  • product events
  • apprentice ship events
  • individual trainings
  • Come-together-meetings



To make sure that the technical state of the art will be transmitted in trainings, the academy has access to a well chosen and proven network of specialists and trainers.

These are application specialists of market-leading producers.

Certainly, we also offer the possibility to discuss individual questions after the training. Here you can fall back on our technical employees.


Present Seminar Program 2024

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24-hours Emergency Service

Either on weekends, public holidays or at night - we are there for you and are happy to open our warehouse for you in Hamburg. In addition, we offer our fast and competent on-site service for hydraulic or sealing problems from Bremen.


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